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Here are some frequently answered questions that may help with your query:

Frequently asked questions

1) What exactly does the T-Mobile Internet SIM’s give you?

You will get Unlimited 3G browsing (surfing) and 1 GB of data (streaming or downloading) every month for the package duration.

2) What exactly does the EE Internet SIM’s give you?

You will get Super fast 4G data to browse, surf, stream, download or upload via you device(s) Please see data allowances and valid durations on your selected package.

3) Do I have to top up any of these products?

No you do not, as they are already pre-loaded with the various internet packages on them. If you want more data or call/text allowances you can top up, but this is at your discretion.

4) How do I activate the 2nd 6 months internet on T-Mobile 12 month packages? does the free 12 months internet end?

Simply send a text message from your device saying ‘6monthweb’ to 441. If you need assistance or have any problems doing this, please get in touch with us right away on the date for renewing the service, which will be printed on your invoice along with the instructions.

5) How do I send a text from a dongle?

Using the dongle software on your computer, go to the ‘messages’ tab and then ‘create new message’

6) How do I send a text from a Mi-Fi?

Connect the device via Wi-Fi using your tablet/smartphone. Then using your web browser on the connected device, point your browser to and click on ‘messages’ and it will ask you to login. (username and password is ‘admin’) Now go to: ‘create new message’

7) How can I see how much data I have left?

From your browser using the internet product you bought, go to: add-on.ee.co.uk/status. It will then display how much data and time in which to use the data you have left.

8) Can I keep my current mobile number?

Yes you can. You will first need to get your PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) from your existing network. Once you have your PAC the process will take 24 hours. If your existing number you wish to keep is on T-Mobile, you will need to transfer it first from T-Mobile to another network & then you can transfer it back to T-Mobile on this new SIM card.

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