Product Description

This Mi-Fi/Wi-Fi Modem gives you unlimited Internet browsing and 1GB of data every month for 12 months. After 6 months, you must renew the internet for another 6 months by sending a text – details given on your invoice. These Mi-Fi’s are perfect for getting internet on the move with multiple devices; connect up to 8 devices simultaneously! They are designed to be used with Tablets or other devices that use the internet which do not take SIM cards but are Wi-Fi enabled. Just switch on the Wi-Fi on your device, connect to the Wi-Fi modem and surf away! 3 Easy Steps to connect your Wi-Fi Device:

1) Switch on your Wi-Fi Modem

2) Go to the Wi-Fi settings on your tablet/laptop/phone/console and search for your Wi-Fi Modem (My Broadband – xxxx)

3) Enter the ‘Wi-Fi KEY’ located on the inside of the Modem’s cover. ALL DONE! You’re now connected and ready to go! Our Wi-Fi/Mi-Fi modems also come with a UK plug and Micro USB Cable for charging the device or connecting it to a computer via USB.


 Key points

  • Unlimited Internet Browsing & 1GB of Data every month for 12 months
  • Connect up to 8 Devices to the Mi-Fi Modem at once to share the internet connection!
  • Fast Internet Browsing & Data Downloads/Uploads
  • Mi-Fi CAN be used to send text messages using Mi/-Fi and your device’s web browser
  • On T-Mobile and EE using the biggest 3G Network in the UK
  • This package is not available in EE retail shops or other high street outlets


Other Information

-All SIM’s are sourced directly from T-Mobile or a direct partner. -All products advertised in this auction may have been removed from their packaging when we activated the internet for you. -Calls to 150 automated services are free. Alternatively you can call T-Mobile on: 07953966150. -It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure you activate the 2nd 6 months Internet on the day of expiry of the 1st 6 months, to ensure the internet continues. We have put the activation date & instructions on your invoice. Please contact us right away if you have any problems doing this on the relevant renewal date. -If you consistently or excessively use more than your monthly 1GB download allowance, T-Mobile may remove your internet booster. If this happens, we will not be responsible for it and you will have to call their customer services and ask them to re-activate it yourself, which will be at their discretion. -If you have an unlocked phone, tablet or other device and want to use any of our SIM’s in it, you may need to put T-Mobile’s APN settings into your handset, computer or tablet. Please email us if you need these settings.