Product Description

This USB dongle is perfect for giving you internet access on the move for your laptop or getting online at home with your desktop. It gives you unlimited Internet browsing and 1GB of data every month for 6 months. After 6 months, contact us and we can give you a discounted offer for existing customers to renew the internet subscription for another 6 months. The dongles have the software pre-loaded on the device, it will install once you plug it into a compatible laptop/desktop for the first time. No hassle, no messing with settings or trying to activate the internet as we have done this all for you. Just plug into your device and surf away!

Key points

  • Unlimited Internet Browsing & 1GB of Data every month for 6 months
  • Fast Internet Browsing & Data Downloads/Uploads
  • Dongle CAN be used to send text messages via your computer
  • On T-Mobile and EE using the biggest 3G Network in the UK
  • This package is not available in EE retail shops or other high street outlets
  • Plug & Play

Other information

-All SIM’s are sourced directly from T-Mobile or a direct partner. -All products advertised in this auction may have been removed from their packaging when we activated the internet for you. -Calls to 150 automated services are free. Alternatively you can call T-Mobile on: 07953966150. -If you consistently or excessively use more than your monthly 1GB download allowance, T-Mobile may remove your internet booster. If this happens, we will not be responsible for it and you will have to call their customer services and ask them to re-activate it yourself, which will be at their discretion. -If you have an unlocked phone, tablet or other device and want to use any of our SIM’s in it, you may need to put T-Mobile’s APN settings into your handset, computer or tablet. Please email us if you need these settings.